shweta Kapadia Director of Empower Consulting Thane
Some of the significant changes that are likely to take place
in the human resource management are as follows:
1)Increase in education levels : Due to technological
progress and the spread of educational institutions workers
will increasingly become aware of their higher level needs;
managers will have to evolve appropriate policies and
techniques to motivate the knowledge of workers. Better
educated and organized workforce will demand greater
discretion and autonomy at the work place
2)Technological Developments: This will require retraining
and mid-career training of both workers and managers. Rise
of the international corporation is proving new challenges
for personnel function
3)Changing Composition of Work Force: In future, women
and minority groups, SCs and STs would become an
important source of man power in future on account of easy
access to better educational and employment opportunities.
Therefore manpower planning of every organization will
have to take into consideration the potential availability of
talent in these groups. Changing mix of the workforce will
lead to new values in organizations.
4)Increasing Government Role: In India, personnel
management has become much legalized. In future private
organizations will have to co-ordinate their labour welfare
programmes with those of the government private sector
will be required increasingly to support government efforts
for improving public health, education training and
development and infrastructure.
5)Occupational Health And Safety: Due to legislative
presence and trade union movement, personnel
management will have to be more healthy and safety
conscious in future.
6)Organizational Development : in future, change will have
to be initiated and managed to improve organizational
effectiveness. Top management will become more actively
involved in the development of human resources.
7)New Work Ethic : greater forces will be on project and
team forms of organization. As changing work ethic
requires increasing emphasis on individual. Jobs will have
to redesign to provide challenge.
8) Better Appraisal and Reward Systems: organizations will
be required to share gains of higher periodicity with
workers more objective and result oriented systems of
performance, appraisal and performance linked
compensation will have to be developed.
9)New Personnel Policies: new and better polices will be
required for the work force of the future. Traditional family
management will give way to professional management
with greater forces on human dignity.
10)Development Planning:Personnel management will be involved increasingly in organizational planning,structure,composition etc.Greater cost -consciousness and profit orientations will be required on the part of the personnel department.